Excitel internet working directly via LAN but not via Router


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@sabbyj it was not a hunch, seen the condition of routers used by cable operators in my area, way they are hanging uncovered in rain. Is a reason I opted for ACT not excitel though I was one of there early users.
And i did faced a similar problem with hathway ethernet at old place where the cable operator blamed my router for causing his last end router to go unresponsive.
Brought a new router just for that when I knew where the problem was.

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Your hunch was right! Even my hunch was right :D The problem was with the switch they had used on the pole right outside my home.
There was a storm a couple of weeks back that had disrupted the lines, so they had changed the lines and replaced the fried switches.
They replaced it with a TP-Link switch with Gigabit ports (older ones were D-Link Switches with 100Mbps Ports). The Gigabit port where my internet line was connected had a bit of carbon on it. But my Older TP Link Router picked up on that and demodulated the signal anyways.
But my newer D-Link and Netgear routers have trouble demodulating those signals. Today I requested a home visit by the L2 Team.
I explained to them the issue. And asked them to try and change the port on the switch to a 100Mbps port or change the Switch entirely.
They changed the switch, and the all three routers displayed 90Mbps download speed!
They then put the Gigabit switch back on and connected the same port my line was connected to before, and speed went down to 9Mbps on Netgear and Dlink routers. They then used a different port from that same with, another gigabit port and now my speed is back on 90Mbps.
In short, the problem was a faulty connected on a replacement Gigabit Switch.

So they'll be replacing that switch with a new one. And for now, my speed is back to 90 Mbps on all my routers!
What is the meaning of L2 Team?