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A brand new Tweeten - Tweeten Blog

Completely re-written from the ground-up: the new Tweeten is faster, lighter, and prettier.
The new Tweeten is 50% lighter than the original Tweeten on Windows and takes less than 20 seconds to install on a new machine
A significantly improved interface that offers a gorgeous tweeting experience
A built-in emoji picker
New privacy features: you can now hide DMs on the Direct Messages column
Lots of new settings
GIF Zoom lets you get all the details on a GIF without hurting your eyeballs
You can now automatically pause GIFs in columns
You no longer need to update Tweeten by manually downloading a new file for every update
Our new hotfix system lets us deliver quick fixes rapidly
You can now paste images from your clipboard to upload
Custom CSS support
Touch Bar integration on Mac
Tweeten, a powerful Twitter client