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Binky: Your New Favorite App

Binky is an infinite feed of random things ("binks") to look at. What will come up next? Cauliflower? Diana Ross? Keep scrolling to find out! Unlike similar apps such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, Binky won't stress you out or make you hate your friends. It just keeps your attention where it belongs: on your phone.
Look, all we want from our apps is to see new stuff scroll up from the bottom of the screen. It doesn't matter what the stuff is, so how come other apps keep showing you stuff you don't want to see? When your other feeds are full of that guy you're sick of thinking about, Binky will show you pictures of birds. When you can't think of what to write in a comment box, Binky will write the comment for you.
Binky supports all the other stuff you do to make you feel like you're Doing Something while waiting for the bus or whatever. See a bink you like? You can Like it! You can also re-bink your binks, whatever that means. Do whatever the hell you want in Binky -- no one will ever see it.
Binky - Satisfy your phone cravings on the App Store

Binky is the most stress-free social media app ever! Think about all those times when you want to scroll through a feed on your phone, but you don't want to read depressing news articles or see photos from people who seem happier than you. Binky gives you the incessant micro-thrills of scrolling through stuff, never knowing what's coming next, without all the hassle. And the things you do in Binky don't end up on a server somewhere for the world to see. It's all the fun of social media with all the privacy you wish you had!


* An infinite list of random stuff (we call them "Binks"), with pictures. You won't care about some of them, but others will give you a fleeting feeling of satisfaction -- just like a real app!
* Each Bink has a Like button so that you can like it, just like a real app!
* Swipe left or right on Binks, because it's weirdly satisfying, just like a real app!
* Leave a comment! Unlike a real app, you don't have to stress about what to say. Just mash the keyboard and Binky will think of an appropriate comment for you! Where's THAT feature, Facebook?
* A "share" button that doesn't do anything!
* Scroll through over a thousand Binks, including: sawdust, Sam Cooke, rutabagas, laser tag, merman, mascara, puddles, and elbow.

If you read all the way through that last bullet point, you're already hooked. Download it today!