Amazon: People Technology



Building the systems that enable Amazon’s workforce

Amazon has helped rethink how our customers shop – how they use the cloud – how they read books. And we want to rethink how we empower our employees. We are the team that brought you Career Choice – which pre-pays 95% of tuition and fees for our associates to earn degrees in high-demand fields like nursing and aircraft mechanics. And now we want to build and scale our next great employee program – pioneering a completely new system that will empower our 250,000+ employees to choose their own adventure.

We are empowered to think big at Amazon, and the People Technology team is doing just that. Instead of using third-party systems, we are building new ways for employees to connect with one another. This is a terrific opportunity for someone who wants to impact – on a large scale – the way employees interact with one another.

We’re building the tools to enable our fast-moving businesses to make use of workforce data at high transaction rates and with low latency. To do that, we are solving hard problems in identity and authentication, building distributed systems that can meet Amazon’s exacting needs for round-the-clock availability and immediate responsiveness, and creating reactive event processing systems that let us turn our firehose of data into instant visualizations.

It’s a big challenge, and it’s not simple. We’re innovating one of the most complex employee systems in the world – ensuring that our employees have a secure, responsive and user-friendly way of connecting to Amazon and one another. We need big thinkers and pioneers – technologists who are ready to innovate in this space. We hope you’ll join us.

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