Students to market BSNL's broadband service



Bharat Sanchar Nigam (BSNL) has introduced a new scheme whereby students will install and sell broadband connections.

A commission of Rs 100 shall be paid to the student by sub-divisional engineer (SDE) in charge of broadband, after receiving a satisfactory report from the final user.

D K Agrawal, principal general manager, BSNL, Gujarat circle, said: \"Engineering students, school and college students or any one who has passed the class 10 can sell and install these broadband connections.\"

Students will get the broadband form filled by the customers with the initial amount, that includes registration and security, and submit it to BSNL. Any student willing to do installation can go with lineman and configure customer premises equipment (CPE) and install the necessary software.

He will have to test the connection and demonstrate the working of broadband to customer, added Agrawal.

On registration with advance rental and security deposit, a commission of Rs 50 is paid and on installation of connection a commission of Rs 25 is provided to the student. On receiving 1st paid bill, additional bonus of Rs 25 will be paid.

Student will report to the broadband incharge of the respective secondary switching area (SSA) for installation. He will report to marketing head of concerned SSA for sale of broadband connection.

SSA will give a small advertisement in newspapers to register students either for getting new connections or to install broadband connections. SSA can also ask engineering colleges to send students for training. Students will have to submit a certificate of good character from school/ college or show the identity card issued from school or college.

Students willing to do installation of broadband connections will be trained free of cost by the supplier or BSNL.

When asked about targets, Agrawal said that for installation of broadband connection, at least two installations per day is mandatory and for sale of broadband connection, at least 25 new broadband connections per month are a must.

The registration will be cancelled if the students fail to achieve this target. There will be a bi-monthly progress review, he added.[/b]

unique way of expanding....


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or may be with that clause they want more connections and kick if you can't get enough of them :lol:


This service can be benficial to students if the lineman is taught one or the students are first given seminars or lectures on how to configure and how to troubleshoot.The students can learns a lot.Still the scheme sucks in the way it has been put up.


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Excellent!!One more of those "Catch-and-you-get-paid" schemes!! Reminds me of the MCD's catch-a-cow-and-get-1000-rupees scheme!!!BTW, 100 bucks is pathetic :angry: MAY A HOST OF BEDFLEAS ATTACK BSNL'S LINEN!!