Huawei MT882 Automatic Reboot


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I don't know if someone has already solved the Automatic reboot problem of the Huawei MT882 ADSL modem. Anyways, in case someone hasn't then here are things you need to do

Step 1. Save the following code as "filename.tst" into a folder in your C Drive, lets say, C:\Reboot\ . Do not edit anything except for the password field unless of course if you have changed the default ip of the router which is Anyway to change the password just replace by whatever your modem password is. 23
WAIT \"Password\"
SEND \"\m\"
WAIT \"MT882>\"
SEND \"set reboot\m\"
SEND \"\035\"

Step 2. Download TST 1.0 from any of the following sites

[/list]Step 3. Unzip the TST10 application in your C:\Reboot\ folder

Step 4. Create a file called reboot.bat (in your C:\Reboot\ folder) containing the following line (make sure theres no line break after the code below!)

tst10.exe /r:rebootrouter.tst

Step 5. Assuming you are on Windows Xp we will now add a sceduled task to reboot the modem at exactly 5 minutes past midnight. Use the following steps

[*]Double Click on Add Scheduled Task
[*]A wizard pops-up, Click Next
[*]A list of Programs will come up, click on browse and go to C:\Reboot\ and select reboot.bat file
[*]In the next window select the option of Daily and click next
[*]Enter 12:05 AM in the time in the next window, dont change anything else
[*]In the next window enter the password for the user on which you will be logged in
[*]Click next and then click finished
[/list]Step 6. Thats it! You are done. Now in a similar way if you want to run certain programs after the modem reboots, then use the method in Step 5 to select the program you want to start instead of "reboot.bat" and select a time later than 12:05 (preferably 12:10 AM)

I hope the above tutorial helps people who didnt already know about this.

I have based most of the above stuff from a tutorial on Technobabble Blog and made some modifications so as to make it run seamlessly on Windows XP.