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Home now has an OS

The goal of Ambient OS is to “activate” your home. People should be able to express what they want to do and the home should be able to choreograph its resources to meet people’s requirements. It is not about a point-to-point interaction with individual devices but a choreographed experience that takes into account ambient resources, people preferences, and relevant context.

Ambient OS provides a set of services and abstractions that enable the development and execution of applications that run in the context of your home. With Ambient OS, your home is the computer. Ambient OS is aware of the physical layout of your home, the people that live in it, services relevant to both your home and the people within, and devices.

Ambient OS is the API to your home that enables the creation of applications that extend the reach of a single device. For example, you can setup a timer and have the lights in the livingroom flash when it goes off. With the Ambient OS API, developers have access to available devices, services, and home information and can use these resources as the building blocks of their applications.

Key to Ambient OS is the belief that people should always be in control. To this end, it does not try to make your home smart by anticipating what you need. Instead, as it learns from people, it can suggest certain behaviors but in the end people decide whether or not use them.

Ambient OS runs in your home and leverages your home network as much as possible. For example, it can interact with many home automation devices directly without having to go to the cloud. Furthermore, it keeps user data locally whenever possible giving users more control over their privacy.