Bulshit Service from customer Service and high ping lag and no internet from 11pm to 5am

Debanka Sen

New Member

I am experiencing ping lag and gateway/dns ping lagupto 2000ms from the last two months I have called u guys multiple times but no help given also there is no internet from 11pm to 5am everyday from the past 2 week I offered advice and help buy no one listens as I am a customer I mentioned something is wrong with the switches and ur olt because one of the switches might be broadcasting … everytime they say we can’t help ask ur local operator and I have done that but how many times can a person do that … am I the customer or the customer service is cause this is getting hectic I can’t play any games due to this lost of ping and getting disconnected most of the times and if it was a local problem why are all my friends from Kolkata receiving the same problem while we are playing together were all getting high ping and disconnection … about 20 of my friends are facing the same problem … we need some kind of resolution as this problem has started since the start of this year and from the past month it’s the worse ever … plus ur customer service is super rude and arrogant , also likes to interrupt a lot and we don’t get any compensation either …

My Id is – riiiper_sayantan location - Santoshpur

My friends Id’s of some of them if u need all I can’t arrange that too –

sudip_tt Location - Belur

pc_kadonex Location – Garden Reach

⁠⁠⁠pc_pradipta Location – Garden Reach

Pc_dipsankha Location – Garden Reach

pc_rubi Location – Garden Reach

pc_debsankha Location – Garden Reach