Nokia Global Partner Program



Evolution is a natural phenomenon of life. At Nokia, we are committed to continually evolving our partner program with our expert knowledge, special tools and marketing support so partners have everything needed to successfully position and sell Nokia products and services.
Inspired by the intelligent, interconnected ways of nature, we’re continuously developing new ways in which we can together realize seamless connectivity across all aspects of life.
Our partner program offers dynamic content, quote and resource management tools that optimize all processes for ease of use, giving you the power to reimagine the way things can be done… for the better.
In a world where technology choices are complex, we help customers unlock opportunities to deliver new and extraordinary experiences in people’s lives each day. Join us on our journey of simplifying the complexities of the connected world that truly benefit people. Enhance lives, supported by our exclusive reward structures, discounts and incentives that help bring your ideas to fruition.
Nokia Global Partner Program