Samsung Z4


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Samsung announces the Z4, quite possibly 2017's most under-spec'd name brand phone

The Z4 is an entry-level smartphone for first-time users, which explains the ho-hum design and spec sheet. It's a device meant to demonstrate the essential mobile experience at the lowest agreeable cost. Thus, the Z4 gets a 4.5-inch, 480 x 800 resolution display (hard to believe these still exist, but they do), a quad-core chip, and 1GB of RAM. Not particularly impressive, but apparently enough to handle LTE Cat. 4 data speeds.
In addition, there are 5MP cameras with LED flash modules on the front and back, and the phone is powered by a 2050mAh battery. While Samsung is being super-economical with hardware, the Z4 does have everything a smartphone absolutely needs, and is going to make some first-time users very happy for a while.