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New ICSSR chief: Caste because of invasions, Modi is best PM

NARENDRA MODI is the best prime minister and the worst victim of intolerance; caste in its present form and untouchability are a result of Arab, Turk and Mughal invasions; Macaulayism and the dominance of Marxists led to India’s intellectual decline; and, the Opposition’s support to JNU students hurt nationalistic sentiments.
These are the views of B B Kumar, the newly-appointed chairman of the Indian Council Of Social Science Research (ICSSR), which were published in the form of signed editorials in Dialogue, an English quarterly journal he edits, over the last two years.
As first reported by The Indian Express, Kumar, an anthropologist by training, was appointed on May 2 by the HRD Ministry as the head of ICSSR, the apex body for promoting research in social sciences. He joined office on May 5.