Pathetic Service for shifting connection.


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I gave a shifting request from J.P Nagar 7th Phase to J.P Nagar 8th Phase 7 days back. When i call to customer service they told it will be done in 3days. But after 2 days also there no reply/ response.

Again I had called them and asked the status. The response was unacceptable, said, no docs was provided hence it is on Hold. If I could asked the new connection or not paid the bill for a month they will have call more then 100 times. But they never care for the existing customer. Sick of the service from ACT.

This is the worst & poooorest level of customer service shown by ACT Broadband Bangalore.

Guys please do not wait for reconnction/relocation issues, always cancell the connection immediately for ACT and take the new connection from another vendor, now we have 100 of vendor who does the support in time and good then ACT.

very Very Worst service............................................

ACT manager MR. Muralidhar and others should respond now to take this kind of working team in their organisation. If you cant give proper service to customer in time better shutdown your services .


Most depressed ACT Broadband Bangalore Customer.