IS THIS A LOOT OR MISMANAGEMENT OR WHAT!!!!I'd inquire before few months, if the connection of TATA broadband available in my area. They said not available. I inquire for the current plan, they gave me the following.512 kbps1500/- pm for 1000MB ( not even 1GB )2500/- installation charge1000/- security +10% No Prob. After 2 month one of the executive call me and gave me the following plan, if I wish to go for.512 kbps882/- pm for 1000MB ( not even 1GB )1433/- installation charge1000/- security +10% I was using MTNL, so I said, I will catch after 1 month. I called after one month and asked the execute to come and collect cheque. The person said, my man will come today before 6 pm, I said ok. It went around 10 days, noone came to my office. I called back and the same person said, ok today the person will definatly come.Executive came and explained me the plan as follows. 2005/07/08 512 kbps725/- pm for 1000MB 1653 installation1000 Securing+10% I asked why around 200 addition in the installation. They said, it's our current plan. I said ok I will think and let you konw. KNOWING THAT THERE IS NO MORE OPTION LEFT FOR ME TO TRY, I called the person to take the cheque for his said amount. This is what the person said.Sorry sir, now the installation charges are Rs.2000/- +10% for you. The reason, I'M NOT HAVING TATA INDICOM. [I'M STILL NOT ABLE TO UNDERSTAND THE REASON - ADDRESS IS NOT TRACEBLE- FOR REJECTING MY INDICOM APPLICATION BY THEM AFTER 5 MONTHS OF FOLLOWUP] [HOW THIS PERSON CAME TO MY OFFICE!!! IT'S A WELL KNOWN BUILDING IN THE HEART OF MUMBAI MARKET. COTTON EXCHANGE BUILDING.]LATEST QUOTE.512 kbps882/- pm for 1000MB 2000 installation1000 Securing+10%