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Eighty years on, the RSS women's wing has not moved beyond seeing the woman as mother

On November 9, at a press conference called to announce the training camp, Rashtra Sevika Samiti general secretary Seetha Annadanam vociferously defended the exclusion of women from RSS shakhas. “Our culture does not permit joint shakhas for men and women,” she said. “That is why we have separate shakhas for them.”
Annadanam, in fact, appeared so tied to patriarchal family interests that, while replying to another question, she stood against allowing Hindu women a share in the ancestral property of their parents. “There should be a balance between women’s rights and our traditions, and this should be done on the basis of shastras,” she said. “Otherwise, it would split our families and pit brothers against sisters.”
She made an equally controversial statement in an interview to the Indian Express, published earlier in the day. “There is nothing called marital rape,” the newspaper quoted her as saying. “Marriage is a sacred bond. Coexistence should lead to bliss. If we are able to understand the concept of this bliss, then everything runs smooth.”