I duuno what to do?


I had applied for BSNL dataone even though I've a sucky 64 kbps cable connection. The D/U limit will surely give me problems. I don't have this problem with cable connection. However, I'm not going to disconnect cable for now. I will test BSNL for 1 month and see the usage. I'm sure I will get good speed as my exchange is nearby but the transfer limit is a big problem. I don't know whether I can be able to survive with BSNL for too long. I've taken Modem on rent. Will they refund the security deposit if I surrender my dataone after 3 months of usage? If so how much time it will take?? I heard VSNL will refund security deposit after 5 months. :( Thiru. Dayanidhi Maran?? Are you hearing us? Give us unlimited transfer. I think he will give us unlimited stuff next year?? At the time of elections at Tamil Nadu so that BSNL users will vote for his party to gain power??? :)


The same case even here. People are just not happy with 64kbps connection although they dont have limits... But still they are ready to shift to dataone even after those small limits


why just maran............take unlimited from raju ( sify ) or tata or bharti, who ever gives u.