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I'm very disappointed from the day I took your Sim.
On the day I activated it through tele caller for verification, the coverage is poor.
It's just two weeks the coverage comes and goes very frequently.
I can't make a call(when I get little signal and I try to make call it end itself and I loss the connection) it show no signal on the bar (indoor or outdoor signal is same).
Can't message at all.

I have made a complaint trice within this short period through your jio apps and on call, but no resolution at all. Also send a mail to [email protected]. Com.

It became a culture for you guys to make me wait for 48 hour, after completing 48 hours I get a message it will delay and it will take again 48 hours.

Internet service is terrible on jio 4g, it disconnect frequently. If I'm doing serious work on internet I have to switch back to Vodafone to get it completed. Wrost service ever had.


Cut your SIM and throw into garbage bin...
There are many operators around..Choose which every gives you better coverage
Why to wait...ChangeTheOperator#
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I am from mumbai And I usually travel by mumbai locals. In my 40 mins of journey, jio internet works for only 10 mins. Rest of the time, I get full network bars but no internet.

I am also facing severe call drops even when I am stationery. I cannot talk to anybody for more than a couple of minutes. It goes from 3 network bars to "no service" , and then it comes back again to 3 bars. And this is when I am stationary.

Spoke to cc but they blame it on my phone. I use iPhone 6. Could there be some merit in what they are saying ? Or is there anyone else in this forum from Mumbai who experiences similar issues like me ?