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Pune, July 16: WI-FI and broadband may soon be passe if Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd’s plans of introducing Wi-Max by this year-end turns out to be successful. And it will be Pune, which will have the distinction of being the first Wi-max city in the country.

Wi-max will enable users with laptops and personal computers to get instant access to a high-speed wireless Internet connection anywhere in the city. ‘‘It will be operational by December this year and we will launch the service in 10 cities,’’ BSNL principal general manager G K Aggarwal said at the release of the new telephone directory for the district on Saturday.

‘‘This technology is more like a bigger version of Wi-Fi as it covers much more area. Any user will be able to connect a receiver to their computer through the USB port to log on,’’ said assistant divisional engineer Soumitra Mandal.

The Wi-Max (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) technology can provide speeds up to 2 Mbps. BSNL will acquire a Wi-Max tower, covering a radial area of 25 km, by October. However, details like pricing, number of connections and bandwidth are yet to be worked out.

If the Wi-Max service is competitively priced, it could spell the end of the fixed broadband services and Wi-Fi connections as the same bandwidth will be provided without the extra connectivity charge for laying cables.

WI-MAX is the popular name of the 802.16 wireless metropolitan-area network standard. It has a theoretical range of 40 km and is aimed at making broadband network access widely available without laying cables. It promises a practical wireless access range of up to 25 km, compared with Wi-Fi’s 300-500 ft and Bluetooth’s 30-100 ft.

IBM delays BSNL`s national internet plan

Rajesh S Kurup / Mumbai July 18, 2005

The national internet backbone Phase-II (NIB-II) of Bharat Sanchar Nigam (BSNL), that was to put India on par with more advanced nations, has been postponed. The hitch is partly owing to a delay in supply of equipment by IBM Corp, one of the vendors of the project.

NIB-II, which was to be completed by September this year, would now be commissioned only by early 2006, said sources in BSNL.

“Certain teething problems and a delay in delivery of equipment by IBM are the reasons for the postponement. The equipment, mainly storage servers for the complete rollout, was to be delivered by May 30 and IBM defaulted on this,” they added.

An IBM spokesperson declined to comment on the issue. The project was announced by BSNL last year. The public sector major was planning to roll out its broadband network across 198 cities to cover six lakh subscribers.

It was planning to deploy multi-gigabyte, multi-protocol Internet Protocol infrastructure to provide voice, data and video through the same backbone.

NIB-II would have put India at par with more advanced nations. The services that would be supported include, always-on broadband access for residential and business users, content-based services, video-multicasting, video-on-demand and interactive gaming among others.

Audio and video-conferencing, IP telephony, distance learning and messaging were other features that were to be provided under NIB-II.

The subscriber will be able to access the services through Subscriber Service Selection System (SSSS) portal.


....Yeah sure..Firt conecntrate about broadband and then continue to Wifi


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if BSNL has "introduced" or "announced" WIMAX in Pune then we will see it working after 3-4 years, thank you very much!


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it is very unlikely to happen. many reasons.1. wimax is not even a standard yet.2. it is yet to be proven to be a worthwhile technology.3. have not been implemented anywhere in the world.4. is going to be a lot costly.5. bsnl support has no knowledge of what they provide now. wireless? my foot.


Wifi Hot spots have not yet been acheived and they are speaking about Wimax all over the city/town. Crazy.



Could any body point difference wifi and wifi max. Is it that wifi hot spots work only at a particular place with limited area and wimax can be accesssible any where over a large reigon?


Originally posted by [email protected] 17 2005, 03:53 PM
it is very unlikely to happen. many reasons.

1. wimax is not even a standard yet.
2. it is yet to be proven to be a worthwhile technology.
3. have not been implemented anywhere in the world.
4. is going to be a lot costly.
5. bsnl support has no knowledge of what they provide now. wireless? my foot.

Intel is a major company which is backing wimax .. and stadanrds are going to be finalised by year end
If buzz is to be believed it is the best thing ever to happen to internet connectivity

let's see