Haier Smart Eye Automatic AC


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Haier India comes up with a new Television Commercial for Air Conditioners. The TVC features Vaibhav Mathur in the role of 'Remotu Kaka', whose job is to keep adjusting the AC in an exotic haveli filled with eccentric royal characters. To keep the airflow directed on a Rajmata (Senior queen) who plays polo in an electric chair, Remotu Kaka has to manually keep fiddling with the vents! When the princess shivers in her bedchamber at night due to a sudden dip in temperature, Remotu has to step in and increase the AC temperature! Things change when the 'progressive prince' brings Haier Smart Eye AC into the haveli. Now, AC does everything on its own. It changes air flow direction based on the Rajmata's position. It automatically increases the temperature at night when it gets too cold for the princess. And also, maintains the cooling even when the number of people in the room increase. This ensures that Remotu stays relaxed throughout the day. It ends with an aggressive tagline - Ab Baaki AC ki taisi! (Translated: Other ACs can go to h***) The casting is interesting with Jugal Hansraj, as the prince and acclaimed Bollywood and TV actress, Rukhsar as the princess.