Jio all talk and no walk?

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With so much obsession and talk of Jio going on, would like to share my experience...

For those thinking of buying the MyFi device...

I am returning my device since the network and connectivity is worse than pathetic...

They claim that the connectivity range is 10 - 50 meters and upto 10 devices can be connected...

But the catch is, which I later learnt from Reliance Digital guys, is that the connectivity works 10 - 50 meters in the open (like a big hall or a maidan)... not at home or in the office..

If there is a wall coming between where the device is placed and where you work... the connectivity will drop immediately... so basically you have to carry the device wherever you go and if there are more than one person using the wifi, all have to be in the same room, like a classroom, where the device is kept...

They accepted this flaw and have agreed to refund...

So those planning to use RJio ad am alternate for your current broad band... Please think several times and test it across walls before you buy...

Just thought of updating you guys since there is so much talk going on..


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honestly, capability of the hardware does not really represent the quality of the network. shitty hardware is shitty and it would work shitty with any source internet connectivity. i am not sure if jio capable wireless routers are on sale in india now. but they would be eventually which would let you insert their sim and use it with a much better hardware.

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If you are referring to JIOFI2 then I must say that it has a very solid range equivalent to TP-Link 3420 having 1 external antenna which is commendable considering it is mobile device powered by a battery, If still wifi range is the problem then purchase a good repeater with 3 antenna's ( Costs around 799/- in Amazon) and it should work very fine. If there is some network problem then again repeater should help you as you could place MiFi device in terrace then connect it to the repeater.

Ps: I used JIOFI for more than 6 months now battery got bulged and DXstore guys denied to replace battery but still I think its much better than other open market mifi devices as it enable you to call via JIO Voice 4G app + solid internet ( Depends on signal strength and number of users )

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Well, walls and other obstacles do kill WiFi signals pretty easily. JioFI having no external antenna and being very small can't fit much hardware.