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Feline Mode
The modern internet is full of content which challenges our perspectives. Often though, we are not interested in being challenged, we are interested in cats. To use the internet, to be a member of this incredible cultural fabric, is to find the most feline part of yourself. A love of sleeping, of curling up on a soft pile of destroyed clothing, a love of distracting and bothering others. Often though, websites just fail to recognize this critical part of our identity.

Australia Mode
We believe access to the internet is a basic human right. It’s not enough to just be able to access it though, it also needs to be reliable, fast, and accessible. One area where this is particularly pressing is Australia. Their latitude and upside-downness can make browsing the Internet of the Northern Hemisphere a nightmare. Imagine living your life with every image, every video, every Ryan Gosling is upside down. Imagine January is the middle of summer, and shivering with the cold of July. Today we are introducing another performance-enhancing feature: Australia mode.