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Channing Tatum will voice George Washington in Netflix’s first animated film
Netflix has been producing original films for a couple of years now, including the Oscar-winning short documentary The White Helmets and, more recently, The Most Hated Woman In America. Now Deadline reports the streaming platform’s built up enough confidence to make its first foray into animated features, with a movie about our nation’s history. Archer executive producer Matt Thompson will direct America: A Motion Picture, which is described as “an R-rated revisionist history tale.” Channing Tatum has just signed on to voice George Washington, who will probably be a better dancer in this movie than in previous portrayals.

America: A Motion Picture is being written by Expendables scribe David Callaham, and has an animation dream team behind it: Thompson is producing the film with Adam Reed in conjunction with Tatum’s Free Association company, as well as Phil Lord and Chris Miller. There’s no start date for production yet, but everyone involved should be keeping plenty busy with their other projects. Tatum, for instance, just lined up a musical with Joseph Gordon-Levitt.