CAT6 Cable Cabling available in India? Their quality and options besides D link?


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CAT6 Cable Cabling available in India? Their quality and options besides D-Link?

PS: Why being posted here? In process of discussing Jio Giga FTTB - to Building and distributing it through the place via CAT 6.

I see the only thing available everywhere around is D Link. Based on my US background and the stuff mentioned on forums there they recommend some other names that are rare to find around here.

Any other options in India and how are D-Link cables actually in terms of quality CAT 6 specs?

This is an excellent article about installing Cat5e, vs Cat 6 or Cat6a. Here's a excerpt, but the article gets into much more detail as to why:

"...people who are paying extra for Cat 6 and 6a assemblies, and who think that they are paying that little extra for the sake of "future proofing," not only are not getting the future-proofing they're paying for but are in many cases getting cables so bad that they may be choking the customer's existing Cat 5e network."

Why Your Cat6/5e Network Cable is Slowing You Down: Interview with Blue Jeans Cable | Audioholics

For bulk cable, Commscope, Mohawk, Belden. Berk-Tek is ok too. For patch cords, Leviton, Belden, Panduit, Hubbell are all good. I especially like how Belden terminates their RJ45s with clear flex-boots with extra soft guards (alas... only geek points) :oops: There's also Blue Jeans Cable for one-off needs, but IMHO you're better off buying commercial patch cables by the box in bulk.

But yes, like you said, as long as the cable connects up and works to baseline expectations (ie. "it just works"), in most SOHO and even many business cases that's simply good enough. And there's nothing wrong with that. :)

EDIT: The basic benefits of commercial-grade patch is that is comes pre-tested and 100% verified to meet and/or exceed spec (thus why they're individually bagged and sealed), and most typically ISO spec at that, which is the most stringent. I'd say there's also a higher level of assurance you're getting reputable-quality copper conductor with good or better material build. Not so much the case with a good portion of mass-market cheap stuff. YMMV there of course, and it seems Monoprice is a pleasing exception to the rule.
The only cable brand prevailing around here is D-Link. How are their cables?