Cellular Operators’ Association of India complains about devices with faulty MediaTek Chips


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4G smartphone: COAI seeks government help to deal with faulty 4G dual-sim smartphones using MediaTek’s chipset - The Economic Times

The Cellular Operators’ Association of India, which includes Bharti Airtel, Vodafone India, Idea Cellular and Reliance Jio Infocomm, said there was a problem with 4G-enabled, dual-SIM smartphones using MediaTek’s chipset: the flow of data in the primary 4G SIM slot was hampered when a 4G LTE-only SIM was placed in the second slot, meant for 2G SIMs.
Placing a 4G LTE-only SIM in the second slot “significantly deteriorates the throughput of any other operator’s 4G SIM present in the main slot by as much as 40%,” the COAI said in the letter.
However, there was no such impact if a 4G LTE-only SIM was put in the first slot and a 4G SIM was in the second slot. MediaTek, the Taiwan-based chipset manufacturer, acknowledged there were recent reports of technical glitches in handsets and said the company is treating the issue with utmost priority.
The industry body urged the government to ensure that devices with 2G SIM slots are phased out in the next six months. Smartphones with dual SIMs must have both slots configured to match the device standard of 3G or 4G, it said. The COAI sought an outright ban on any mobile device found to be adversely impacting data throughput. It urged the government to mandate device testing and certification for compliance in the Indian environment before launching them.


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Why phase out 2G??? There are still so many remote places where neither 3G or 4G works.. Only 2G works.

These operators shud fix that first.