Airtel DTH vs. Tata Sky DTH?

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Hi, I want to know which DTH would be cheaper for me.

I am currently using Tata Sky at my home. I live in Delhi.

We have 2 LED (HD) and One CRT (SD). So basically two Tata Sky STB which are HD and One is Normal SD.

Now, I have paid somewhere around 12-13K yearly to Tata Sky for all this setup (which includes multi tv and multi hd access fee).

Let me know, How cheaper Airtel would be?

P.S.: Yes, I have Airtel Landline / broadband as well and I know about 5GB offer.

If interested in small number specific channels like just Hindi GEC, Hindi movies then Airtel would be cheaper, but if want to subscribe to wide range of channels, then Tata Sky and Airtel should be same. Because with TATASKY, all HD channels matching with channels from Base pack is available with HD access fee. With Airtel, we would have to subscribe that HD pack.

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@SVK I am not sure but there is a plan Infinity which charges similar money for HD + SD.

Could you tell me how does Multi TV thing works with Airtel? How much do they charge for additional SD and HD TV?


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For every additional SD installation they charge around 730 which includes first month rental, set top box and free new dish if you choose to.
And you get 5gb monthly extra for every bundled dth.