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Sideways Dictionary

Sideways Dictionary — it’s like a dictionary, but using analogies instead of definitions. Use it as a tool for finding and sharing helpful analogies to explain technological ideas. Because if everyone understands technology better, we can make technology work better for everyone.

• Visual cues will indicate when a technology term existing in the Sideways Dictionary has been detected within the text on a web page.

• Click the extension icon to see an expanded sidebar list of all tech terms detected on the page and their top analogies.

• Hover a highlighted tech term within the page’s text to see an analogous definition in a small overlay.

• Set it to highlight all instances of a found word, or only its first occurrence.

• Set it to automatically run on every page, or on click of the extension icon in the browser bar.

• Replace Chrome’s default new tab page with a random Sideways analogy.

To see a full list of technical terms and their analogies, visit