Wrong Elements



Uganda 1989. Joseph Kony, a young Acholi guided by the spirits, forms a new rebel movement, the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), against the central power. An "army" that increases its numbers through the kidnapping of teenagers - more than 60,000 in twenty-five years. Geofrey, Nighty, Mike, and Lapisa are among these children, kidnapped when they were twelve or thirteen years old. Today they try to reconstruct themselves and to rediscover a normal life. They return to the places that marked the childhoods they were robbed of. Both victims and executioners, witnesses and participants in acts of violence beyond their reckoning, they are still these Wrong Elements that society has difficulty in accepting. During this time, the Ugandan army continues to hunt down, in the vast Central African bush, the last of the LRA rebels. But Kony has evaded capture.