News from Jammu & Kashmir


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I roamed around the city whole day today, if you guys think those journalists are spreading genuine news, no they are not, 95% of news out there on twitter, news boards (THIS INCLUDES BBC- They have definitely shown wrong info) is fake news. Ground reality is different and there is peace. If people were thinking there will be a huge burst, you guys are not even 5% close to reality. Anyways, just came home from a movie today and strangely there were too much checking at the night time. There were normal police, Riot squad and CRPF. I mean in just one bridge and a road along with it, there were 3 check posts, that's tooo much even considering independence day is coming and usually there's checking before independence day. However I guess it makes sense considering revoking 370 and now independence day doesn't make a good fit.

Trouble can start very very fast....especially when instigated by :poop: politicians