Videocon Smart HD STB Review


So I had an upgrade due, went ahead and bought the Videocon Smart D2H STB.

Overall seems an ok device. It was an upgrade so cost me 2490. Costs 3490 for a new connection. D2h Smart Remote App is a must download.

Dailymotion did not work. Sony Liv is there. A bunch of Youtube Channels are there which basically are playing using what seems to be a propreitary player and lists other videos on the channel sort of like how youtube does.

If you already have a chromecast then I guess it does not make much sense "at this point" to go for this. If not, maybe can be considered as an alternative. Would recommend someone only for someone who is looking at SD->HD uprgrade or switch to D2h and/or would like some "smart tv" like capability - I would stay still in beta mode.

Can cast videos on phone storage using a combination of "Share/Send" functionality & D2h Smart Remote App
Any other app which has Share/Send functionality can be used to sort of stream the media
Using App, able to change channels (including using hand gesture control)
Has Video Recording/ Media Playing capability through USB

Was not able to play all video formats thrown at it via USB
While its able to stream the media - It seems more like mirror casting feature of chromecast, hence seems a bit slow/jittery at times
Being relatively new in the market, apps are much less now - maybe more paid apps will come (Netflix has signed up, and Bollywood Hungama is already here)