Vodafone: Rs. 352 Plan - Unlimited Calls, 1GB Data Per Day for 28 Days

Aakash Malhotra

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got an email from vodafone . here are details

352 Unlimited Pack:
· Unlimited All Local + STD calls (including Landline) with a capping of 300mins in a day and 1200mins in a week (after crossing capping limit 30p/min will be charged)
· 1GB 3G/4G data per day post that 4p/10KB
· 28 days of validity

· If Recharge by 15th March: On 28th day validity expiry, the benefit will be auto renewed for a period of another 28 Days. So any customer who does this recharge TILL 15th MARCH will get the benefit for 56 DAYS and 1 YEAR PROMISE.
· 1 YEAR PROMISE for Recharges till 15th March: Customer also given a 1 YEAR PROMISE, i.e customer will see this offer on 121 till Feb 2018.

It is a segmented offer you can check it from *121#

For future reference, I would like to highlight that data is a default service which continues on your account even after deactivation of the data pack. Hence, if there is any data usage, the below charges would be applicable:

· Default data rate of 4p/10kb | MMS charges are Rs.3/MMS. Maximum size of an mms is 300kb.
· Any additional downloads (like games/song/wallpapers etc.) will be charged as per the product price listed. ''

i dont think i will take the plan . i dont even use 3g/4g on phone and the plan is not that great

the hell? i did not created this thread. how did it got created ? 0.o
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