Logitech G102 Optical Gaming Mouse


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Logitech G102 Optical Gaming Mouse is available at Rs. 1299 right now. I had ordered it yesterday. It is smaller than the other mouse I have owned so that's kind of annoying for my hands. After using Anker Vertical since yesterday, I can see the problem of using regular mouse. Especially a smaller mouse like this. Wrist pain is a reality. Anyhow... Planning to swap these regularly. Anker has a 18 month warranty. Logitech has a 24 month warranty.

This mouse caused major headaches though. It has internal lighting which keeps on rotating through multiple colors.


Only option is to install the Logitech software. It just would not install on my Windows installation. Logitech support recommended using a clean boot (disable all services and boot apps). I managed to somehow end up with a Windows that would not even log me in. Tried every thing but was forced to reset Windows. Insane.

Anyhow. The software lets you disable the light completely or set a timeout. You can also select colors and intensity etc. Not really a fan.