Anker Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse

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Got this from Flipkart. Used the PhonePe offer to get a 260 rupee discount. Took almost a week to arrive which is a shame. Anyways. I have used it for a few hours now and here is what I think about it.

It is pretty different from other mouse I have used before. It took me a few days to get used to the trackball I was using. I am still not completely comfortable. But I can get used to this.

It is pretty comfortable. The grip is comfortable. Surface feels like it is covered with talcum powder for some reason.

Vertical design means it tends to fall over if I am not careful and I hit it from the side while bringing my hand from the keyboard. It happens quite frequently as I am not used to lifting my hand when I switch between them. This mouse requires you to lift it by an inch or two which would take a while to get used to.

I have fairly large hands and the device still feels large. It is impossible to click the buttons at the very end which is where the optimal area is for the click. Most of the time I am clicking close to the middle of the button which just does not feel right. Mouse do not like when you do that because the clicker switch is at a distance and I am guessing it would result in clicker malfunction faster.

The scroll wheel seems to be a bit loose. For a moment I thought it allowed for horizontal scrolling. It does not. I have a feeling that this would go bad the fastest. Clicking the wheel provides a terrible experience. It's bad enough that I am tempted to seek a replacement. But too lazy to go through the cycle.

Anker does not have official service centers in India from my understanding. My unit was supplied by Yugadi. I have no idea what kind of support they would provide as they are based in Bangalore. I have sent them a mail seeking details. Would update if I get a response.

A Logitech mouse on my shortlist was on sale on Amazon today. Ended up ordering it as well. Planning to use it as my regular mouse once I get it and keeping the Anker for emergencies. Not an optimal situation. But that's the plan for now.


One more annoying thing about this mouse is that it goes to sleep to save battery after non usage of around eight minutes as per the manual. Moving the mouse does not wake it up. You actually have to press a button! My Logitech trackball was wireless and moving it was enough! And battery life on that device was fantastic. Clicking a button on the vertical mouse is also not an easy task... You cannot do it with one finger like on a regular mouse as it requires something to hold the mouse from tripping over lol. Quite annoying really. This is also the reason why clicking the wheel button is pretty hard on this model. At least for me.
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Oh okay. I like seeing the deals posted sometimes so it's fine. I like being on forums to discuss( mainly read through) in my free time.