Reliance and Data Rate


You should see what your Data Rate is in ADSL Status of your modem page:

Example image:

If reliance has capped your data rate to 1024 for example, it will cause you some problems.
There are few cons to capping a DSL line.
If you have 1mbps plan, you will never experience full 1mbps, your download speed will be stuck around 800kbps (100kb/s)
Lets say you decide to upgrade your plan to 2mbps or 4mbps, what happens?
Reliance will upgrade your plan from mumbai side no problems there but because your dsl line data rate is capped to 1024,
you will be still stuck at 800kbps while paying for 2 or 4mbps plan until local reliance line man fixes your problem from nearby DSLAM in your area. Well if he understands what data rate is, good luck.
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