[Solved] MNR / Conexia World Broadband Peering Speed Problem


I am posting this thread because I couldn't find much info about this, only few google reviews reporting the same not getting peering speed problem .

If you are using MNR / Conexia World Broadband via your LCO, and peering speed is included in your plan (which lco shamelessly promotes even if it not actually working).

None of the below steps apply if your LCO knows his stuff

Important :- Company do not want to deal directly with costumers, they want you to complain through LCO so you will have to keep patience and talk nicely and convince them your LCO is useless.

1.) Call on this number Phone: 096544 15574 or get the latest number from their fb page Conexia Broadband | Facebook

2.) Tell them about not getting peering speed problem. Let them check your pc setting via https://anydesk.com/download
they will check your pc network adapter - speed duplex settings.

3.) They may blame your router so plug your Ethernet cable directly and let them check. (This step is tricky)

4.) Now tell them problem is in their plan server configuration ask them to check your plan for any error. (They will need your id)

5.) If everything goes well they will send an email to their server center and your peering speed will be activated by next day.

**You do not get peering speed on torrents (you will notice private ip caching them but you do not get extra speed on them), only on Youtube and other google products.
**How to check - Download directly any video from youtube and check peering speed.



Twitch sucks

** Movie downloaded only for speed test