Hathway Torrent Speed - Bad Torrent Speed

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Hi. I have Hathway (Cable, Docsis 3.0) and Airtel Broadband

My Airtel gives me better speed on Torrents as compared to Hathway.

Hathway on Speedtest is 45 MBPS and Airtel is 16 MBPS

But then also, Hathway gives very poor like 100 KB/s where Airtel gives 1.5 MB/s to 1.8 MB/s

Same trackers, Same peers, Same Seeds, Same everything.

Why is that so?

@gambit if you could answer?

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@gambit Yes, I am using techincolor cable modem. How can I get it replaced with better one or any solution?

Please recommend.


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Have hathway change it to another company.
Which other company do you recommend from Hathway to ask?

I'll ask them that particular company or tell me something.


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@gambit any other company would have option to change primary and secondary DNS as well?

Because in techincolor we cannot change DNS. (If you can, then please tell).

Which ISP do you use and which modem you have for it?
If you want to change DNS just change it in Ethernet properties.


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How about the Android or any other wireless device?

DHCP can also pass the DNS so that it's used by default.

So any modem you could name?