How to change server???-BSNL Broadband

Hey Guys,
I am having a serious problem of my broadband.I have located down to the source of the proble.But please Guide Me To Stop This
SO,I am having a high latency problem in almost everything for which i access internet.First,i thought that cs 1.6 is the problem.So i reinstalled it.But it is not.I am getting latency of 120-150 ms on cs 1.6 currently.
I read your forums and tried to locate the source of it.
So, the problem is that my modem connects me to a server in nagpur which gets me a ping of 120-150 ms:
Here is the link:
Dropbox - Capture.PNG
Now,when i connect the server in bhilai,the ping gets reduced to around 90-100 ms
Here is the link:
Dropbox - Capture_2.PNG
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Now how can i fix this???
NOTE:This is happening from previous 3-4 weeks.I dont what the cause is.
EDIT:Also,I observed that the Bhopal server gave me a ping of 60-70ms.Here is the link:
Dropbox - Capture_3.PNG
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