IndusInd Bank


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Dad's account got activated. Here is my experience based on their Sector 31 Gurgaon branch.

  • People are friendly compared to most other branches.
  • Money availability is not an issue! Was able to get 24K easily. In 500 rupee notes!
  • MMID cannot be generated from the website. Need the mobile app. WTF. Thankfully I was able to install and verify the app on my phone.
  • IndusInd folks messed up account data submission. Ended up entering Sector 35 instead of Sector 31. Insane.
  • Mobile Number and Email Id were mentioned in the form but they appear to be missing from alerts section. I have added in the backend but the backend is pretty messy. Remains to be seen if they are configured properly.
The purpose was to get access to cash and that has been resolved. No luck in other bank branches in my locality.