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Don't recharge for a few days and wait for retention plans. You will easily get unlimited connection or 2TB before FUP hits.


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@mr_grump5 Been using since March 22, So far so good(I mean extremely satisfied), had some hiccups initially with data but they were very generous when it comes to crediting data. If it comes to your location just get it blindly, i can vouch for it.

On the scale of 10
Speed : 10(Torrents with seeds are absolute shocker)
Reliability : 9(Faced downtime twice for around 20 min, problem at my end)
Customer Care : 8(Complaints gets resolved within stipulated time)
How about the speed connected via WiFi ?

For me i get 40-60 Mbps connected in WiFi &
Getting 80-100mbps connected in Ethernet.

Also anyone can recommend the go-to speed test tool/app/website.I see big variations among the speed between each speed test tool.

How could I find the original speed i am receiving?

Thank you.


So when hathway will come to tambaram? Next year may be?


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Tempted by this post & and the AD displayed around my locality, disconnected (Worst Mistake) ACT and opted Hathway 150 Mbps Plan.

Initial days was good, however Hathway throttles the bandwidth, the download speeds are not consistent and really pathetic, and I am not at all satisfied with their service, planning to switch back to ACT.

Disclaimer: I have registered just to write this, so others would know and not get tempted.


1. Connection was given in just one day, wiring, router installation and the activation happened on the next day.
2. Customer care seems to be good.
3. If you are just gonna use YouTube, and do casual surfing, please take this connection as it is cheaper and offers more data to be downloaded.


1. Speeds are not consistent, please refer to below screenshots to believe.
2. Torrents are also being throttled.

BTW I'm at Velachery, Chennai.

Final Note: If you can live with bandwidth throttling, you can stay with Hathway, else choose a better ISP.

Download from Mediafire @ ~ 8 Mbps

Download from Real-Debrid @ ~ 8 Mbps

Download from Seeder @ ~ 8 Mbps

Download from Wistia @ ~ 90 Mbps

Streaming 4K video from Youtube @ ~ 20 Mbps

Download 4K Video from YouTube @ ~ 80 Mbps

Edit 1 (03-Aug-2017): After few complaints to their CC, the issue seems to have fixed, tried Real-Debrid, getting speeds around 90 Mbps, during download. Hope this is the case in future too. Will provide an update after 2 ~ 3 months.

Update (14-Dec-2017): So far so good, really happy with Hathway, no prolonged downtimes either!
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never faced any such throttling issues, though my monthly downloads never go in excess of 300-400GB.