Need advice for broadband service in mumbai


Hello everyone,I am moving to Mumbai in the next couple weeks and was wondering if someone could suggest the best broadband service availability.I am looking for something that is atleast 128Kbps (need it for voip) with unlimited usage.Last time I was in mumbai, I used sify but was not really happy with their customer service. Besides that, the limited data download did not help either.Also, I am planning to connect multiple computers within my network and need to know what kind of router I need to have to be able to do this. When I was using sify, I had to connect to the internet through an application. Since the connection was not always on unless I connected, I dont know if the Netgear router I have will work or not. I read somewhere that I need a router that allows me to use PPTP. Please advice on both these things.ThanksSameer
try iGate or Iqara i used them when i was in mumbai . They were quite consistent with there speed. MUMBAI users jump in adn help him out :)


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I'd seen some Exatt "Dhamaka" plan a few months ago on their website or 256 Kbps UNLIMITED for Rs 800 or so per month!!!!I dunno if they are everywhere in Bombay or if they still offer any plans as good as that... or what is their quality of service.
You are lucky. matunga does have igate. they got two plans one is 128kbps but mine usually hovers around 160kbps (i get more for what i pay:)) for Rs. 825 for unlimited download. the second plan is 512kbps for rs1000. with that you also get a static IP allowing you to either host a DC++ Hub or a CS server.Exatt is another chose i would recommend.stay clear of hathway and sify.