Fraud Company!!!

Jasdeep Singh

New Member
I am residing in North Delhi (rohini)
Recently in September i decided to move from airtel to siticable, since there "plans" we better looking.
So i call up their customer care and they send their representative to get the initial form filled and the advance cheque, just like any other company does, and he promises me to install the connection within 3-4 working days.
After waiting for 4 days, i call him up to ask, and he says we wont be able to put up the connection because of some distance issue from their pole to my home (BTW I already had 2 airtel connections installed easily without any hassle) so i ask him to return my money back, to which he replies that "i have filled the issue to the company, they will return it within 15 working days, so i waited for it to return. On 19th sep, the company withdraws the money to their account so, i call the guy but his phone is always busy (most probably he had blocked my number or something because i tried calling him at odd hours and his phone is ALWAYS busy) i called customer care which never gets picked up, i wrote them a couple of mails, to which they give me a ticket number and an sms that "your concern is important to us" but no action is taken.
Its like the company is surviving on my money x'D its been 2 months now.
So first of all i would like to request everyone to avoid getting into such trap
and i would like to ask if anyone can help me with this issue?
I have the bill for the installation, Cheque details, the contact info for the installation guy and his superior too.

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