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What is the rate for using Airtel live? ( browsing, email etc ) how do they charge it? time? data?Its nowere on their sites and CC is always busy here...any1 an idea?


Originally posted by [email protected] 6 2004, 10:44 PM
What is the rate for using Airtel live? ( browsing, email etc )  how do they charge it?  time? data?
Its nowere on their sites and CC is always busy here...

any1 an idea?


Well I have been using Airtel Live (previously Airtel Masala) for an year now. The service is only for browsing on handset only and cannot be used for PC/Laptop etc.Moreover 2-3 days back they have limited the browsing to only Airtel Live's home page in external site is allowed.....this restriction was earlier too but inbetween for a period of 4-5 months u can access all it's no longer true.Anyways, subsribing to Airtel Live is free and so is browsing. Airtel mentions the downloading of items like polytones/waalpapers/themes etc is chargeable. But see that where u see "powred by phoneytunes or IMI mobile wll not get charged whereas those provided by Yahoo, indiatimes etc will get charged....Beleive me Airtel Live s*cks's so slow now....u can hardly browse or downloadInitially it was good....and airtel people have forgotten to block the send sms via gprs option.....i discovered it and send around 4000 sms a month for 2-3 months and then they came to know bout it and then blocked it.....I no longer use s*cks so much......coverage is poor.....voice breaks too much and call drops are often.


AIRTEL + Samsung sgh-c100 + GPRS (mobile office)...!!!I have got one samsung sgh c - 100 mobile handset and have got enabled mobile office in kolkata for rs 249 per month.I have purchased the data cable and downloaded the driver from samsung site...But I dont know the necessary settings...and from last three days whenever i call on airtel customer care number in kolkata...they ask me to call on 4777; which is meant for gprs settings...Problem is I have never been able to get on 4777 as its always engaged....Can someone be kind enough to share the settings on samsung airtel combination for accessing internet on computer through mobile...?????????????I am really frustrated....Regardssunandosunandoghosh at rediffmail dot com


Hi all,I want to know how is Airtel Mobile Office unlimited GPRS conx. for 150 pm, do we get descent speeds on it while surfing on PC though mobile phone.I would have tried it myself but i've got a Hutch, and changing it would involve quite a lot of trouble :(, so is it worth it ?Thanx in advanceRegardsTM


Definitely Not! Its near to or less than Dialup Speed! (


Hi Friends,I need to know abt Airtel here, I went to their shop today they told me in prepaid i need to pay 12 Rs. a day for GPRS ie., 360 a month for GPRS. It can be used on the PC for net connectivity and downaload speed is 12 KBPS. .. Is the info right? Coz I someone had told me they have a scheme of 249 for GPRS.. but he said no scheme!Next question:Now if I buy the Airtel card, how to use the GPRS as net on my PC.I have a Bluetooth dongle, I try connecting with orange but I could not.I wanna know all the steps to use the GPRS via Bluetooth and also Via Datacable.. FOR AIRTEL!Plz give me some detail info here.. as I have never used GPRS as net on PC.Also i am planning to use this GPRS as my net only for surfing and disconnect LAN.. Is it reliable??Thanks in advance.


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i think the data charges are extra for what u download eg:for 10KB data download they are charging 10 paiseso100KB = Rs.11MB= Rs.10so its expensive..... they dont tell these hidden charges + they charge the monthly stuff or that Rs. 12 thing...i suggest you to get a proper ISP connection and use desktop with it and dont try to mix mobile and internet.


for airtel its mobile office....i too m lookin for the details.....frm wht i have searched on net........
mobile office is charged 99 for some whereas some told ppl sayin the charges r ard 249 presently............
so i guess as it gains popularity..........they r charging high....but for old ppl charges r same...or depending on its popularity.......

also ppl says its slow.....but wht i heard frm ppl that wht u need is airtel tower near u.......+ most important u need edge supportin phone....ppl use gprs phones and say they get 4-5kBps..........
and says its slow........but max speed for gprs is 5 kBps is right speed......
regarding edge..........u get max speed 236.8......which comes ard 20-22kBps but practically u get 12-14 ard which is good.......

regarding settings i dont know anything...but 1 person posted this hope it helps u

Connection Name: Mobile Office
Data Bearer: GPRS
Access Point Name:
User name: Blank
prompt password: No
Gateway IP Address:
Connection Security: off
Session Mode: Permanent


I have used Airtel mobile office for myself,i must say my experience wasnt the best.but its not bad for the money we pay for it considering there isnt any download limits or anything.Regarding speed,during off peak hours ,u get decent speed of about 6KBps constantly.but during peak (read 5pm to 11pm) ,it goes down ,its pathetic 2-3KBps.With EDGE the situation is like 2.5-3 times better than gprs. Another problem with MO is all gprs users share same (external) ip(!) (Remember -- link removed -- one ip limit,its basically a mess if u do that). p2p can be barely used,but there are workarounds,but dont expect much.For query's about mobile's and configuration u can ask to some mobile phone forums like or something.