SUSE Linux 9.3 Released to public mirrors


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SUSE is a major retail Linux distribution, produced in Germany. The company is owned by Novell, Inc. SUSE is also a founding member of the Desktop Linux Consortium. SUSE includes an installation and administration program called YaST2, which handles hard disk partitioning, system setup, online updates, network and firewall configuration, user administration and more in an integrated interface.

SUSE has support for resizing NTFS partitions during installation, which allows it to co-exist with existing Windows 2000 or XP installations. SUSE has the ability to detect and install drivers for many common winmodems shipped with OEM desktop and laptop systems (such modems are designed to use Windows-specific software to operate).


I am personally looking for a torrent of Red Hat 9 Enterprise Server 3. I downloaded one but it seems to be corrupted. :(