Hi everyone,

Let me disclose, in all honesty, that I am a complete noob with regard to WiFi plans, services and how to go about procuring said services.
However, complete noobs tend to be assigned, more often than not, tasks beyond their knowledge.
I moved to Gurgaon recently, Palam Vihar, and after a few days of reveling in the greenery, I realized it gets rather annoying when smoke signals are quicker to appeat than your WiFi signal. I use BSNL and it's HORRIBLE. I barely get WiFi anymore.
What I'm looking for is a good, reliable, fairly quick WiFi ( in noob terms, my YouTube videos shouldnt buffer. And torrrents of 750 mb should be done in a day + day and a few hours. BSNL took 8 days for that shit. ). My budget caps at 1600. A WiFi that doesn't collapse every 3 days would be nice.
I'm not even sure if this is the right forum for the thread but I'm giving it a go anyway. Please help. It's annoying. Thanks.
Location palam vihar, gurgaon.

Oh, also, two fairly active users in the house. So +80 gb or unlimited.
Reliance, Jio
Why don't you try and get reliance. I've heard that reliance is good in Gurgaon region. Go for 4Mbps UL (1099+taxes), and if you want then you can opt for the Landline also. I've heard that there is some plan (in Landline) where you can get unlimited Local+STD calls at Rs.50 extra.

Tip: Just keep in touch with the local reliance executive. It helps out a lot.

And yeah, 750 MB will take around 25 minutes on that connection if the torrent downloads at full speed. :p


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For 80GB or so, get Airtel. BSNL was good when I had it though I would no longer touch them because of ad injection.
Reliance is cheap but has reliability issues. I have managed to get it working for me. I do not get much downtime. But my friend living in my sector only has lots of issues with uptime.
I have no idea why BSNL is not working well for you though. Your problem could be wiring or your router.

Start by trying to get your line relaid. File a complaint through BSNL Appellate authority or PG Portal.