Greedy Airtel cheating existing customers

My experience with airtel:

I was a happy mobile, broadband customer in bangalore with airtel for many years.;suggested airtel to many friends.
So i wanted landline also from airtel.

I called customer care telephone number and requested for
1) a plan upgrade from 899 (8mbps+15gb limit per month) which is old to 899 (16mbps+30gb) which is a new scheme.
Customer care reply:
The scheme is not available to existing customers. It is 899 (8mbps+30gb) for existing customers.
I: ok please upgrade the plan
Customer care after some time: land line is required for a plan upgrade in that oradband connection.
I: ok enable landline. And give me a 99 toppup for landline to avail india free calls.

Customer care: it is only 999+40gb option possible for an upgrad for existing customerse, not for same 899.
I: ok make it 999+99 plan with landline.

Existing broadband connection is disconnected by airtel themselves without any clue on what and how long.
I: raise complaint and get reference number that not working

Till 19-may-2016
Customer care: we are coming /we are confused by request for landline and complaint for not working

Connection is rectified by a field engineer.

Again broadband stopped working
I complained to nodal officer and appellate authority to get some help. No reply.

Customer care: due to a back end port issue, landline is not possible to give you. Sorry for inconvenience caused. Please apply new connection.

I complained to nodal and appalette authority to ask landline and plan upgradation. They said backend limitation.

I raised a cancellation request of connection and noted down request number.
Customer care: someone will call you to initiate cancellation in 48 hrs.

Till 25-may-2016
No one called.
I: what happened to this cancellation request?
Customer care: that was a reactivation of connection request not a cancellation request in the system.

I raised another cancellation request.

Customer care calls me and offers to cancel the connection from this day.

From that every day atlas 2 people call me from airtel and telling that we will resolve your landline enablement and plan upgradation. And it was a mis communication happened last times. Deeply regret your inconvenience.
I told i don’t need connection. Please credit 1000 rs initial deposit in my account because i will need to pay it for new connection.
Airtel sales team: in 5 mins we will credit the 1000

After that: no news

If we are happy custome and want more service from airtel, airtel will try to cheat us in greed for new connection’s installation deposit money of another 1000 rs. They are making the nodal authority and appellate authority (Mandated by trai for consumer rights protection) puppets vomiting exact phrase copy pasted from customer care.

Outcome:customer run away from airtel


I have used airtel for almost 10 years. I am not sure about cheating customer thing as I myself changed the plans many times and the plan change was done almost immediately i.e. within 2-3 hours.
But the plans offered by airtel are way too expensive considering the present internet situation in India. My local ISP which I jumped to recently is offering me 10 mbps unlimited (without FUP) and 30 mbps peering speed on youtube, Hotstar and google servers.
In my experience, I think a decent local operator internet connection is much better than connections from biggies like airtel or reliance as with local ISP you can directly call the person in change and get the problem resolved and you dont need to go through customer support.
Also you can visit local ISP office if your problem is not resolved which is not possible in case of airtel or reliance.
Thanks for suggestions!
Yea I agree. Airtel in Bangalore was having very good customer service till last year, rectifying customer requests/complaints in a day max.

I too was cheated by their people. For the past 4 months I made several complaints for the internet issue. Every time, their service person visited my home and checked cable connections. And told us that there was a connection problem in the distribution box. This continued for 4 months. Suddenly yesterday, same service persons came to my home and told me that my modem is not working and that is the root cause for the issue.

When I have asked about the warranty period of my modem, they said it was just crossed 12 months and 1 week.

So, though have identified the issue long time before, they waited for the warranty period to get over. Now, I need to spend money for that. How brilliant they are !!!