simple method for bypassing ACT broadband Portal for instant login and reliability

ACT broadband
I am using ACT broadband from last 3 months in bangalore and from my and friends review it is very good .....for reliable and fast connection you need to ensure that you login not from ACT portal which has problem many times and slow to load but by creating shortcut using these steps
1) go to network and sharing center on windows
2) Click on "setup a connection or network" option
3)then connect to internet option and click setup new connection anyway
4) then in "No, create a new connection" option then use using WAN miniport(PPPOE) option and then Broadband PPPOE option
5) and then giving ACT broadband user name and password and give connection name and check option to remember password
6) once connection is created and tested you can create shortcut in "change adapter setting" link , right click the just created ACT connection to create shortcut at desktop and use it ( just double click shortcut or right click and then connect ). it just connect in 5 seconds.
also ensure that once connection is created in properties , in security tab all protocol option like unencrypted password , CHAP are checked except the last one ( Automatically use my windows login name)