Few questions regariding my new Spectranet connection

Hey guys,

So I got a Spectranet connection installed today. The advertised speeds are 100mbps up and down with no FUP.

When the engineer activated the connection speedtest did show a speed of 100mbps but since then I have been seeing fluctuations in speed. Sometimes it is 10mbps, sometimes 50mbps and sometimes 100. Is this to be expected or is this a problem with my fibre? I remeber when the fibre activation team was checking what they called the 'power' of the fibre it was low. Although they said that is not an issue. For some strange reason Spectranet's own speedtest always shows the speed as 100mbps while speedtest.net shows different speeds.

Also, the modem's login page does not load only (I can ping the default gateway but can not open it). CC says that they do not encourage users to log in to the modem and so can not help! Any workaround here? Resetting the modem might render me without an internet connection for some time. And I don't think the CC guys will have an idea of what to do.

Any comments/suggestions?

PS: And they seem to be throttling torrents as well.