Sify Customer Care? I have had enough...

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ok, i think you have made the things pretty clear. you are not going to serve any client on the 32kbps connection any better than you already are. so next month i will get the 48kbps and if still the speeds are as bad as they are now during the day time, i would be back. till than you can have your happy happy feeling that customers all around India are really happy with what you are providing them in the name of broadband.

and if you still care, maybe you will check with the problems guys talk about here about their sify broadband connection. from where I look at it, I am not alone who thinks Sify's connection has a problem...

next time I have any other problems, i would try not to talk to you coz apparently it makes little difference to you. you can of course check out the forum above on what the users around India are suffering from.[/b]

I am tired of sending mails to customer care. Won't send any more unless their is really desperate need to do so. It is pretty clear they do not give a damn...
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