Super Pathetic Condition of BSNL in Assam


I had the docket no. sent to a previous mobile phone that I do not use anymore. How to change the registered mobile no. for the docket sending etc. I need to change that to my current mobile phone number.

I understand your point. In fact, at times I really get p!$$ed off. For example, as mentioned my internet came back from yesterday but now the pings are super sh!tty and websites do not even open up. There is not much noise in the line but there seems to be something messed up as the DSL lights goes every twenty minutes or so. Websites including Yahoo, IBF etc. which are fast enough are taking ages to open. The upload speeds are terrible i.e. around 0.1 range or so in a 4Mbps connection. The internet is running in dial-up sort of speeds especially when opening pages. Not sure why that is happening.

Do you remember the correct settings for attenuation and SNR. I feel that the line is seriously messed up again. Internet is there but it is not even properly usable. To be honest, BSNL is such a pain in the ar$e that it takes half of my time just to try to get these lines fixed. They rarely work properly nowadays. Perfect internet with good speeds comes like once in a blue moon nowadays.

I have also noticed since yesterday that the websites open a bit normally and the internet is a bit usable after 1 o clock in the night or so. I am not sure if it is a coincidence. Happened yesterday night and it is happening today again. Ping is still like 380 or so (last night after 3 in the night ping reduced to around 150 and internet started working normal). But it is 1:30 in the night and maybe it would again work normally around 3 in the night or so. What can be the reason behind this?

The phone also went dead for sometime a few hours ago and came back soon after. One more surprise. There was no noise in the phone like 5 minutes or so ago. And now there is suddenly heavy noise in the phone. Weather is normal with no rain right now. Not sure how the line noise came over. BSNL lines are very confusing to me to be honest. One more thing. When I put down the landline phone receiver, then too the DSL restarts at times.
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Super slow Bsnl broadband in Kolkata nowadays