Unable to use DATAONE connection using a Wifi router


Tata - 2Mbps!!!
well this is a really weird situation...i was using the dataone connection via a ut 300 r2u modem which was configured in bridged mode...

today i got a D-Link 524 wireless router to setup a wifi network...did all the basic settings and got my laptop connected to the wifi network...

now the problem is i can sign into msn..yahoo but not gtalk...

i can use emule...ares...utorrent... i can ping all sites....

but i cant browse!! not a single page opens!! with google.co.in i get the web site found waiting for reply msg...but with other sites it just tries but nothing happens..

after i signed into msn i can even transfer files n download stuff using ares or torrents!!
but not being able to browse n use gtalk is driving me crazy!!

also how do i configure the ut 300r2u in pppoe mode?

please can someone help!!!

Edit : got the wifi connection working....if anyone needs i can try n help :D

sorry for the trouble guys!! finally got the wifi setup working!!

i must thank Varuns blog to helping me setup the pppoe connection on the ut 300r2u modem

BSNL Broadband Modem Installation
this directed me to this page


really helpful pages!!!