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Poor Quality of products dumped by Banyan Networks(Broadband division of Midas Communications)

Dear Sir,

I wish to apprise you of the substandard quality of broadband products being marketed by Banyan Networks(now Broadband Division of Midas Communications Ltd, Chennai) located at Chennai.

I am an engineer/consultant in Broadband communication field and have interacted with Banyan and its employees for over a long period. I wish to lend my voice to Banyan's employees and exploits.

Please consider the following points, which describe the state of affairs of Banyan products, which may turn out to be a bad investment for BSNL and other Indian Telcos.

1. Banyan has sold its DIAS to BSNL in past, stating that the novel broadband technologies like ADSL, ADSL2+ etc will not work on Indian copper infrastructure. This has however been proved wrong by various field trials by other multinationals. DIAS, which claimed a data rate of 128Kbps, never actually preformed beyong few 10s of Kbps, and always had field issues. There was no proper technical support for DIAS available at any time. The whole DIAS support team has left now, hence cant support the systems sold sometime back.

2. Banyan(Midas) has been working on ADSL2 etc with a team of engineers using Conexant and Broadcom's designs. The system however is not being properly working due to various reasons described next. Banyan(Midas) is trying to push the under-developed ADSL2+ system as BLC(Broadband Loop Carrier) to BSNL. They are vying the quota for Indian Companies to push their substandard product, by using various influences over BSNL.

3. Almost all of the members of the team developing ADSL(ADSL2/2+ etc) product has left Banyan for better companies, leaving nobody to stabilize the product or support it. The people left due to frauds in their salaries and bonus by HR, within a couple of months. The state of affairs is so bad that freshers are now trying to build up the system!

4. The ADSL(BLC) system never performed properly and never went for a proper field trial. Its hasnt even gone through the production quality test(PQT).

5. The BLC system hasnt been validated properly, and doesnt even work smoothly in the internal testing. Its so unstable that the data links go up and down randomly, drop the link and cause trouble in video transmission. The data service also affects the telephone voice quality. Despite knowing all this, the management is pushing to dump the immature product on BSNL.

6. If Banyan is not able to sell the BLC systems to BSNL soon, the inverstors will stop funding them. Hence they are desperate to push the product at any cost, to save their skin. No other Telco is buying their product, hence BSNL is their only resort.

7. There is hardly any developer left to provide support on the BLC system, if BSNL purachases it. BSNL should learn from the poor support for DIAS.

If somehow BSNL procures Banyan's immature BLC product, without any intense production quality testing, it will certainly cause field problems. This will not only cause revenue loss to BSNL, but also inconvinience to the customers.

Hence I request you to kindly consider the above points, and employ care while considering Banyan Networks (Midas Communication's) Broadband Loop Carrier (ADSL2+ etc) System.

Please feel free to contact me for any other details.

[email protected]


Whom is this person addressing this letter to?I dont think posting the letter will be of any help..should be sent to the higher authoritiesAny ways regarding the letter, if this is the kind of investment they do we are now way heading towards the so called Broad band revolution.


I used multiple DIAS connections from at my work place and found out that they are unreliable. Support was always miserable and provided at snail speed. In Kolkata other providers are shy to take a plung and hence BSNL had a field day. I work in Govt. Dept. and am now pushing for broadband connections.


This is an open letter addressed to any BSNL official and customers.DIAS was a bad experience for many of us, and some people were only interested in making money by duping BSNL with third grade products.BSNL has installed ADSL systems from Huawei and UTStar, and they are working pretty good.I have nothing against Indian manufacturers, but selling poor quality equipment in the name of patriotism is unacceptable.Finally its the customers who have to bear with those pathetic equipments.If anybody can pass this info to BSNL bosses, it will be good for the customers as well as improve the quality of Indian Electronic Manufacturing Industry.There is a new tender for BLC (Broadband Loop Carrier) in June 2005, and Banyan Networks is trying to push its immature ADSL system using the so called quota for Indian companies.If BSNL buys their pathetic equipment, it will land up in great trouble, as those system dont work properly for more than a couple of days, just like DIAS.I dont want the customers and us to suffer the DIAS troubles again.PLEASE PASS THIS INFO TO CONCERNED AUTHORITIES, or pass me their email addresses.ThanksShankar