Dataone and Congestion


Your Dataone speed may vary at different times of a day, because to provide a cost effective service - all ADSL services are ‘contended’ (shared). These contention ratios are applied in the backbone and international part of the network. A commonly applied contention rate is 50 : 1. All customers are guaranteed the “plan” rate up to the local exchange or the ADSL equipment to which they are connected. On the shared part of the network a 50:1 contention ratio would mean that a 256k connection would be shared by 49 others. In reality this is very unlikely to happen and the customer would find the connection much faster than dial-up modems. ADSL relies on individual users not making unreasonable traffic demands on the network to provide fast access speeds for all. If you are not getting the speed you expect, it can be due to the contention ratio but also to many other factors including the congestion at the remote site you are accessing.


The best way out for this that the ISP give us a 1:1 connection which is impossile. 2:1 or 4:1 conection should do atleast


Congestion in an IPS for all connections is a integral part I am told. I am yet to get a confirmation of the same but I tend to believe it.Speed will increase in coarse of time and thats the way out.